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  Many research-driven universities, forming investigation clusters in specialised understanding arenas, are producing expertise parks in collaboration with sector and private partners to encourage start-ups and acquire patent grants. RUs in several countries engage in local community and govt initiatives, providing tutorial abilities and technical guidance. progress. In lots of nations, they are key companies developing revolutionary perform chances.

  Effectively developed and managed, RUs can renovate Bangladesh culture, some thing like in Malaysia Ninth progress plan which aspires: to completely transform the place right into a knowledge-based financial state, wherever universities are envisioned to contribute significantly (Salmi 2009). With research and local discoveries, RUs may become lively members and precursors of change, not serve as mere bystanders presenting borrowed awareness crafted in other international locations.

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  It typically makes a stir whenever a RU draws in distinguished students with solid qualifications inside their fields who deliver the guarantee of high-profile jobs, funding, publications, acclaim, as well as a rising status over a world scale primarily based on their own potential to provide big discoveries and scientific breakthroughs.

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  Flagship RUs will have to arise within the academic landscape in Bangladesh. With their analysis missions, they have to establish sturdy graduate programmes that entice the most effective plus the brightest who want to develop research/academic professions. The RUs need to supply substantial quality master, Mphil and phD levels to equip tertiary education and numerous other sectors of culture with well-trained research professionals recognised for their specialised skills.

  RUs have deep implications for Bangladesh to be a created state by 2041. It needs a robust edifice of data workers to get a region to graduate to developed-country standing. The choice would be to depend on outsiders. Without having suitable interventions and facilitating buildings, in addition to a body of regulations (e.g., plagiarism, mental home protection, and so forth.), to foster know-how creation and innovation, growth as expected may perhaps be unsustainable and ephemeral.

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