Collaborating Center within the Univerity

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  The college ha partnered with the Earth Wellbeing Buine of WetndieCMona Campun Kington, Jamaica, tomprove how they train upcoming nure.

  UABntructor traveled to Jamaica to train thentructorn the Univerity of WetndieCMonan 2018, exactly where they demontrated the bet way to train withmulation.

Certification is not that difficult

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  Traci White, DNp, a college of Nuring aitant profeor who alo traveled to Kington, tate thentructor were being keen toncreae their expertie.

  Going to UWI, the place there were contemporary face and youmply could ee the variation within their teachingnide aue of day, wanvigorating, White aid. The college were hungry to find out and receptive to what wentroduced on the table.t energized me to view their enthuiam for dicovering.

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  There an amazing have to have for palliative caren Jamaica, and people achieved were keen to have another peron all et to deal with thimportant concern, tated aitant profeor Rebecca Edward, DNp. My lifetime objective hould be to embed myelfn global well being, which propect allow me attain that.

  The partnerhip will continue via on the web method,ncluding the UAB Nuring Network Clinical pearl pecialitmprovement movie and digital debriefing.

  We are committed to a detailed partnerhip with UWI. Thi can create ait to maintain alteration andmprovempreion for UWI ON chool and learner, claimed affiliate profeor and WHOCC deputy director Ada Markaki, utainability would be the crucial phrae for thi partnerhip, which follow the chool definition of world well being and give attention to the WHO utainable advancement ambition.

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